Steel bearing packer
• For use with grease guns
• The design incorporates a grease nipple at one end which easily
adapts to the diameter grease gun coupler
• Greases bearings in cars, boats, trailers, RV’s etc. with a minimum inner diameter
of 1/2" to a maximum outer diameter of 5" and height from 1/4" to 2"
Model No. AC493
Grease gun holder
• Simple snap action clamp for safe storage of grease guns and suction guns
• Fits all standard grease guns
Model No. AC486
Grease injector needle
• Lubricates in very tight spaces such as universal joints and sealed bearings
• Equipped with standard grease fitting without ball check and protective plastic holder
• 18-gauge needle thickness
• Length: 1-1/2"
Model No. AC487
Needle nose adaptor
• Used for dispensing a fine line of grease through the needle nose
• Tip diameter: 0.046" (1.168 mm)
• Needle length: 4"
• Quick-connect action
Model No. AC488
Needle nose dispenser
Model No. AC489 15 mm Needle Length - Model No. AC490 38 mm Needle Length
• Used for dispensing a fine line of grease
• Can be attached directly to steel extensions or flexible hoses
• Threads: 1/8" NPT
• AC490 has a narrow needle with a diameter of 0.156" (3.96 mm)
• AC489 has a 0.219" (5.56 mm) needle diameter
Model No. AC489 Model No. AC490
Ezee-Lube Kit
• The Ezee-Lube kit contains a range of quick-connect fittings
designed to meet any and every greasing application
Model No. AC492
Easy-Out Tool
Model No. AC511 : 1/4" - 28 tap rethreads - Model No. AC512 : 1/8" - 27 tap rethreads
• Handy, dual-purpose tool for removing worn and broken grease fittings,
as well as retapping holes for installing new grease fittings
Model No. AC511 Model No. AC512