Stay-Silv ® Brazing Alloys, Phos/copper
Phos/copper and silver/phos/copper alloys are used to braze copper to copper, and copper to brass. The phosphorus content in these alloys
makes them self-fluxing on copper. When brazing brass or copper to brass, use Stay-Silv ® white brazing flux. These alloys are not recommended
for brazing steel or other ferrous metals.
Harris 0 – Low-cost alloy for many copper-to-copper applications where good fit up can be maintained and brazing temperature is not critical
Stay-Silv 5 – Medium-range alloy; useful primarily where fit-up can not be tightly controlled. Somewhat more ductile than Harris 0.
Stay-Silv 6 – Medium range alloy; slightly more fluid than Stay-Silv ® 5 and can be used where closer tolerances are available.
Somewhat more ductile than Harris 0.
Dynaflow – Premium, medium-range silver alloy, formulated to even tighter specifications than the Stay-Silv ® alloys to mirror the performance
characteristics of the 15% silver brazing filler metals. Excellent for brazing both tight and poorly-fitted connections, Dynaflownulls ®
Stay-Silv 15 – The industry standard for air conditioning/refrigeration applications.
Composition Specifications Solidus° Liquidus° Application
848-1334 0620F1
Harris 0
92.9% Cu
AWS A5.8
1310 F 1475 F
Requires medium fit up
0.050 x 1/8 x 28 Stick Tube 7.1% P
710 C 802 C
848-1125 5620F1
Stay-Silv ® 5
5% Ag
AWS A5.8
1190 F 1500 F
Used to bridge gaps where
0.050 x 1/8 x 28 Stick Tube 89% Cu, 6% P BCuP-3
643 C 816 C
close fit-up can't be maintained
TTT584 6620F1
Stay-Silv ® 6
6% Ag
1190 F 1455 F
Used to bridge gaps where more
0.050 x 1/8 x 28 Stick Tube 87.5% C, 6.5% P  
643 C 791 C
ductile filler metal is required
TTT586 D620F1
Dynaflow ®
6 % Ag
1190 F 1465 F
Premium alloy
0.050 x 1/8 x 28 Stick Tube 87.9% Cu, 6.1% P  
643 C 796 C
Excellent strength and ductility
TTT585 15620F1
Stay-Silv ® 15
15% AG
AWS A5.8
1190 F 1480 F
Good ductility
0.050 x 1/8 x 28 Stick Tube 80% Cu, 5% P BCuP-5
643 C 846 C
Blockade ® Brazing Alloys
•Silicon brazing alloys offer significant advantages over phos/copper
and silver/phos/copper (BCuP) brazing alloys
•Outstanding ability to form a large shoulder or cap at the braze connection
•Distinct, favourable colour changes in the finished braze alloy
•Improved ductility over non-silver-bearing BCuP-2 braze alloys
•Easily brazes brass and brass alloys without the addition of silver
•Significantly reduces brazing temperatures compared to BCuP braze alloys
•Choice of bare or flux-coated rod, 2 mm x 20 stick tube
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Composition Specifications Solidus Liquidus Application
NP989 BK220R1
Blockade ® Bare Rod 86.9% Cu
AWS A5.8
1187° F 1297° F
For copper or brass. Reduced
brazing temperature, visible braze
alloys, easy joint inspection.
Excellent for HVAC applications
6.5% Sn
NP990 BKFC2500R1 Blockade ® Flux-Coated Rod 6.5% P
637° C 674° C  
0.1% Si
proven reliability and acceptance by field service engineers has made it the leading choice of brazing operators.