Stay-Silv ® Brazing
Flux (White)
•For use with silver brazing alloys
on all metal other than aluminum,
magnesium or titanium
•Effective to 1600°F
•Meets Fed Spec. 0F499, Type B;
AWS FB3A, AMS 3410
Stay-Clean ®
Aluminum Flux
•Use with Stay-Brite ® solders
or Alsolder 500 to join
aluminum to aluminum
and most other metals
•Effective to 500°F
Order No. MFG No. Size
841-1115 SSWF1/4 1/4 lb.
841-1110 SSWF1/2 1/2 lb.
841-1105 SSWF1
Order No. MFG No.
1 lb.
841-1060 SCAF4
4 oz.
Stay-Silv ® High Temperature
Brazing Flux (Black)
•Use with silver or other brazing
alloys liquidus below 1800°F
•Recommended for stainless,
heavy parts and whenever
heating cycle is prolonged
•For all metals other
than aluminum,
magnesium or titanium
•Meets AMS 3411,
AWS 5.31, Class FB3C;
Fed. Spec. 0-F-499D, Type B
Bridgit ® Paste Flux
•Stays active to 800°F
•Will not burn at soldering temperatures, reducing black
carbon formations that can result in voids and leaks
•This flux works extremely well with Bridgit ® lead-free
solder in potable water systems
•This flux should work equally well with other solders
•Designed primarily for copper tube applications
Order No. MFG No.
Order No. MFG No.
841-1100 SSBF1/2
1/2 lb.
4 oz.
841-1095 SSBF1
1 lb.
841-1045 BRPF1
1 lb.
600 Powder Flux
•General purpose brazing flux
•Use with low fuming bronze and nickel bronze brazing alloys
•Highly active powder flux has applications in
brazing steel, cast irons and copper-base alloys
•Active in a heat range between 1400° and 2200°F
Al-Braze ® Aluminum
Brazing Flux
Al-Braze ® powdered flux is recommended to
use with 4047 (formerly 718) brazing alloy,
and other aluminum brazing alloys
•May be mixed with water or alcohol
to form a paste
•Meets specs AMS 3412, AWS Type FB1A
Order No. MFG No.
Order No. MFG No.
841-1030 600FX01
1 lb.
841-1137 1070 1/2
8 oz.